Ten Toes Apparel was founded in Los Angeles in 2019 by two brothers who grew up in inner city Detroit and L.A. with an idea for spreading a positive message to make their communities — and the world — more accepting and inclusive places.

“Ten Toes” is about perseverancefacing adversity and not backing down, and pulling yourself together when you make a mistake and trying again.

It’s about humility: being humble, free from arrogance and malice while respecting others and appreciating your roots. 

It’s about integrity: being honest and making sure your actions reflect your words.

Most importantly, “Ten Toes” is about supporting your community — both the one at home and the community of “Ten Toes” around the world. The “right” thing isn’t always the easiest thing, but we support everyone who is up to the challenge, and we celebrate their success.

When you wear Ten Toes apparel, you’re not just displaying a brand, you’re representing a lifestyle. People who are “Ten Toes” have both feet planted firmly on the ground and stay true to their goals, to their families and friends, to their community, and to themselves. Loyalty is everything. 

Our goal is to create a movement to spread positivity in our communities, and beyond, and to ensure future generations grow up inspired by this attitude. Join us and become part of the movement today!